Dear Sir,

I am contacting you with great respect, I support and am truly grateful for your efforts to help these children of ours, who lost the most in this war, their parents.
My name is Rada, and I am the mother of a wonderful child. My son’s name is Zeljko, he was born on 11/9/1994, and he was named after his father who lost his life before little Zeljko was born.
His father, Zeljko, was 24 when he was killed in 1994. I live alone with my son during these hard times after the war. I am not able to work because Zeljko is too little, and he doesn’t have a sponsor.
A sponsor couldn’t be found, so I am contacting you because it is really hard making ends meet.
I plead to all people of good will for support, and I thank you in advance.
My address is
Josic Rada

74000 Doboj
Republic of Srpska
This little hand
needs a hand
of support.