Marina Peric
c/o Miroslav Lazavic

36340 Konarevo
Kraljevo, Yugoslavia

Our Dear Friends from Chicago,
My name is Marina Peric and I am 22 years old. I have a son born on October 10,
1997 and a daughter born on January 27, 2000. I am from Donja Branica near Pristina.
Due to the circumstances we live with my brother in law (my husband’s brother) in Kraljevo.
I lost my husband, Srdjan Peric, born on July 20, 1971.
In the prime of his youth he was killed by Albanians.
They massacred him on March 11, 2000 in his field.
They shot him in the leg, and then killed him by hitting him on the head with a hatchet.
Because of my husband’s death, and because our lives were also in danger, we had to abandon our home.
Yet we have hope, because we know that somebody is thinking of us.
It may not seem like much to you, but any help on your part means a lot to us.
I thank you in advance
Marina Peric