Our Dear Friends in Faraway Chicago,

We heard about your effort to help the children of fallen Serbs, and decided to contact you.
Here is the relevant data: my name is Stana Sucevic and I have a daughter, Maja, who lost her father when she was two.
We used to live in Zagreb, and had to escape in 1991, to Sanski Most. My husband went to war and lost his young life on 9/29/1992 in Bosanski Brod.
We lived in Sanski Most until 10/10/1995, when we had to leave. We currently live in Prijedor, me and my daughter, Maja.
Maja was born on 8/28/1990. She is a good girl, respects her mother, and is about to start the first grade.
Your help is very important because our kids have to grow up, go to school, and you help ease their pain.
One day, these kids will be grateful to those who gave them a little happier childhood.
In closing, we thank you in advance and wish you all the best in your life and work and may God help you.
Our address is:
Sucevic Stana and Maja

79101 Prijedor
Republic of Srpska