$56,026 Distributed To The Orphans

Christmas, a time of Joy and sharing, is approaching. Thousands of children who lost one or both parents in the war do not have a sponsor, that special person who can help them grow into a good Christian, proud of Serbian heritage. Please, consider giving a very special gift at this time of the year. For only a $1 a day, you or someone you know, can become a sponsor to a child who desperately needs help at this difficult time in his or her life.

Representatives of the SDS’s humanitarian program have successfully distributed humanitarian aid to the orphaned children and to the children of invalids from 600 families in Serbia na Republika Srpska in the amount of $56,026. The sad fact is that more than 9,000 orphans, for whom SDS in Chicago has detailed information, did not receive any financial aid.

Since 1993, volunteers of this program collected and distributed financial aid to thousands of orphans. Donators and the recipients wrote in support of continuing this unique program. Mr. Jovan and Mrs. Jasna Jeftic from Columbus, Ohio, wrote: “Do not extinguish a flame that you lit and carried with great perseverance, for we Serbs cannot sustain another loss.” Mrs. Slavica Popovic who was expelled from Krajina with her parents and son Goran, wrote in her letter: “We are fighting for a bare survival. The financial aid that you provide is of immeasurable importance to us, regardless how small it might be. Please don’t stop.”

Throughout December, we are collecting donations for the first quarter of 1998. If you cannot become a sponsor, please consider sending a onetime donation, Bozicni Darak, of $50 or more, to a needy child. Please, include $5-$10 for the administrative cost. Make checks payable to SDS (Save Displaced Serbs) and mail it to: SDS, C/O 3245 W. 26th St., Chicago, IL 60623.

Your contribution is tax deductible. Tax number for the Save Displaced Serbs Corporation is available upon your request. For more information about helping needy orphans, please, call Mr. Veljko Miljus at (773) 523-9411, or Mrs. Katica Medic at (818) 363-3413.

Katica Medic
Coordinator for California’s Chapter of Aid to Serbian Orphans