WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1998                                     AMERICAN SRBOBRAN

$112,076 Distributed To 1300 Orphans

“I cannot find the right words, big enough and warm enough, to thank you. I don’t know for what to thank you first, for your comforting words, for your kindness, or your effort and time that you took for us… I know that it’s not easy, for we are preoccupied with sorrow, and everyday difficulties for survival… You can only imagine how much joy, hope and faith I find in your effort to help us… I received the financial aid of $30 per month for the months of October, November and December. Thank you very much.”

This is how Mrs. Boja Grubac expressed her gratefulness in a letter of October 26, 1998, to the volunteers of the SDS humanitarian program based in Chicago. Her daughter Mirjana was one of 1300 recipients who received financial aid for the fourth trimester for 1998.

Mr. Veljko Miljus, the founder and main coordinator of the humanitarian program, returned from his trip to the former Yugoslavia, after he successfully distributed financial assistance of $112,076.00. The aid, in the amounts of $90 ($1 a day), from long term sponsors, and $50 or more from one time donators, was distributed at the open meetings directly to the mothers or the guardians of the children from 38 counties in Republika Srpska and in Serbia for the children expelled from 18 counties from the former Republika Srpska Krajina.

Six months ago, after six years of humanitarian work, we were seriously considering closing our program because of the reduction in the number of volunteers and donators when an anonymous donor sent a unique donation of $300,000.00, to be distributed to children who lost one or both parents in the war. From his donations 833 children will receive $90 every three months for one year. This donation gave new energy to a small number of volunteers who are maintaining this program.

Another factor in bringing new life into the program is that Mr. Miljus secured an office for SDS’s work in Banja Luka. Mr. Borislav Zdrinja will conduct most of the administrative work for the program in this office. He became familiar with the work of our humanitarian program while he was in Chicago for the fitting of an artificial leg and an artificial arm. His work in the newly opened office in Banja Luka will free volunteers in Chicago from administrative work, and they will be able to spend more time on collecting donations.

At the present time, we are collecting donations for the first trimester of 1999. Or representative will deliver collected financial aid to the children before Christmas (our Bozic on January 7). We have on our list about 7,000 children who lost one or both parents in the war, who will not receive any help unless people, such as you, become a donator.

As you are preparing to celebrate the most important Christian Holiday, we are asking you to remember thousands of children whose Christmas will be filled with sadness and sorrow; for the strong hands of their fathers to guide them into adulthood, in many cases for the kindness of mother’s care, for family members who disappeared during the war, for the warmth of their homes from which they were cruelly expelled, and for everything familiar and dear to them that the war has taken away.

Please, if you can make the lives of these children a little more bearable and bring a little joy into their lives. Let them know that they are not forgotten by becoming a donator to one or more of them for only $1 a day, ($90 every three months), or by sending a one time donation (Bozichni Darak) of $50 or more.

For more information about this program, and how you can help needy orphans please call, in Chicago, Mr. Veljko Miljus at (773) 523-9411, in Los Angeles, Mrs. Katica Medic at (818) 363-3413, and in Pittsburgh, Mrs. Mitza Trbovich at (412) 653-7264. Your donation is tax deductible. Please make your check payable to SDS (Save Displaced Serbs) and mail to:

SDS (Save Displaced Serbs)
c/o 3245 West 26th Street
Chicago, IL 60623

Katica Medic
Coordinator of the California Chapter
For Assistance to War Victims