About us

About us


We are a non-profit organization and we do exactly as it says in our heading – we help children and Serbian people. We started in 1990, and up to now we collected and gave away $2,951.586.27. We shall enumerate what we did in the last six months We bought 3 instruments for early heart failure detection for small children, valued at $20,000.00 and gifted it to the Loznica General Hospital, department of cardiology lead by Dr. Mirko Mrdjen.

We bought a used tractor to a diligent and smart young man at the outskirts of Krusevac, the man lost both his parents and lives on the parent’s (grandparent’s) farm that he would like to keep in good order. The tractor was paid $2,900.00.

We bought an $800 laptop and gave $1,000.00 for pension fund to a young man who lost both his hands, from Banja Vrujca.

Now we intend to collect $10,000.00 to gift to the Serbian families living in Kosovo and Metohija, in the conditions worse than a labor camp.

With your help – we will be able to attain that goal as well.

We pride ourselves with and wish you to know it too:

1. All donations are given directly to the intended recipient.

2. The recipient signs a receipt and a thank-you note indicating amount received.

3. Same receipt bears the name of a man from this organization, who delivered the funds.

We do all this and are pleased to inform you, since we know how generously you gave, especially to some self- styled “do-gooders”, from politicians to artists, regretfully even the clergy – and no money was ever accounted for. Such unsound practice is what we avoid at a rate of 100%, and remain proud that we were on the same path for years – while retaining the same principles for the future.

We know the daily hardships of life here, and everywhere else, and we are aware that it’s hard to make the ends meet, but any degree of help is meaningful to some of our kinfolk. It seems that nobody, but us, can help some of these persons and this is the only way for them to continue to survive.

If you have the desire and means to help, kindly send it to SDS, 72 Saddlebow Road, Bell Canyon, CA 91307.

We shall remain thankful, and the families helped will be much happier.


Mile Nikolic President

Dear Donors,

Miodrag Nikolic, SDS President will be traveling to Serbia this coming February to March. He would also like to travel to Kosovo-Metohija in order to distribute $10,000 in donations to the needy.

Please help make this happen!

Please send your donations prior to 12 February 2012 so that we can collect as much as possible. Your donations are vital at this crucial time for these people in need.



January 2012

Dear Friends and Donors,

It is the end of the year and we are asking you to donate to our projects for 2012. In 2011 we dispersed about $10,000 and would like to do the same or more for the next year. Please go to our website and see our goal to reach $3 million this year in donations. We are currently at $2,951.985 since we began this program and would be so happy to reach 3 million’s this year.

To remind you, we are a humanitarian organization so your donations are tax deductible AND we do not spend any donations on our operating expenses: 100% of donations to the needy go to the needy.

Please help us reach our goal this year and please donate to help the less fortunate.

From now on, we will not be able to forward your donations to the specific families. However, our work is far from complete; there are many families in Serbia and Republika Srpska living in poverty, and there are many local community projects worthy of our support. From now on, we will pick a single project every several months, and invite you to send your donation and help us make a difference.

The first project that we will support is the one most of you already know about, the “Nasa Srbija” Summer Camp 2008, Nasa Srbija

We are including the quarterly distribution report for January 2008, and the one for July 2008; for those of you who have sent donations in advance (for example, for the whole year) all of this money was included in this one, last payment in July.

Thank you again for your support through the years.

With faith in God and a bright future for Serbian people:

Miodrag Nikolic - president
Slobodan Ponjavic - vice president
Milivoj Gicanov - treasurer

“Save Displaced Serbs” has data on over 10,000 Serbian children, without one or both parents, in need of your support. Become a Sponsor!Most of these children receive no other assistance, and your contribution does make a difference. Every three months, your $90 tax-deductible contribution goes to those who need your help. If you cannot afford a long-term commitment (one year minimum), please consider making a one-time contribution.

• Every quarter since 1994, we have distributed your help to up to 1500 Serbian children who lost one or both parents during the war.

• Since 1993, our volunteers have collected and distributed financial aid to the needy children of Serbia and Republika Srpska in the total amount of $2,878,349.

• We will put you in contact with the recipient of your contribution. The child or his/her parent or guardian will acknowledge receipt of your contribution by writing directly to you (unless you request otherwise).

• Serbian diaspora puts their trust in “Save Displaced Serbs”; we received an anonymous donation of $300,000 in June 1998, and $288,720 in February 2000.

• We have been supported and endorsed by many Serbian organizations, including Serbian Unity Congress, numerous chapters of “Circle of Serbian Sisters”, American Srbobran, Serbian-American Alliance of New England, and Nasa Srbija.

• We are a registered California humanitarian organization, and your contributions are fully tax-deductible (EIN# 95-4624917)

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