We are a non-profit organization and we do exactly what we stand for, we help the children and Serbian people.

We started in 1990, and up to now we have collected and donated $3,000,928.38

In 2017 we reached the $3 million mark in donations and NO penny was spent on expenses. –100% of the money went to the needy in Serbia.

We will list a few things we have done up to today in 2018.

  • We have donated every year to “Decja Radost” Gnjilane – http://decjaradostgnjilane.com/ , our sister humanitarian organization. Who organize visits for children from KiM to Sabac, Valjevo and Subotica where those children attended school and stay with local kids from those towns.  Every year for “BOZICNI KARAVAN” New Year Christmas giving goodies were given to children in KiM Pomoravlje region. http://decjaradostgnjilane.com/index.php/projekti/decikosmeta
  • In January 5, 2012 we bought Three (3) instruments for early heart failure detection for small children, valued at $20,000.00 and gifted it to the Loznica General Hospital, department of cardiology lead by Dr. Mirko Mrdjen. (Testimonial posted!!!).
  • We bought (Mar 6, 2012) a used tractor to a diligent and smart young man at Velika Lomnica on the outskirts of Krusevac, the young man lost both his parents and lives on the parent’s (grandparent’s) farm that he would like to rebuild and keep. The tractor was paid $2,900.00.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBMMoanTMWg
  • We donated $1000 on December 12, 2012 to Crveni Krst (Red Cross) received by Mirko Lopusina, secretary of the chapter in Brus, Serbia for the distribution of food to the needy.
  • We supported (December 25, 2012) family Mijatovic Ilije in Macvanska Mitrovica in cooperation with organization “SRBI ZA SRBE”, family of 10 children received SDS donation of $2.000 buying them green houses, irrigation pipes and tractor trailer.
  • We bought an $800 laptop and gave $1,000.00 to Streja from Ducici near Banja Vrujci, Serbia to purchase prepay State pension fund in order to receive pension for life a young man who lost both his hands in the accident.
  • We collected and distributed (February 2012) $12,000.00 to the 12 Serbian families living in Kosovo and Metohija, in the conditions worse than a labor camps for repairs on their houses.
  • Same trip we donated family near Prokuplje $3000 for the mortgage on their home. Traveling to KiM this time was special experience for all of us.

We pride ourselves with and wish you to know it too:

  1. All donations are given directly to the intended recipient.
  2. The recipient signs a receipt and a thank-you note indicating amount received.
  3. Same notes bears the name of SDS person who delivered the funds.

We do all this and are pleased to inform you, since we know how generously you gave, especially to some self – styled “do-gooders” like the Red Cross which is paying their president millions of dollars in salary and distributing less than 12% for the programs, or HRC foundation which is collecting yearly $450 million and giving only about 10% to humanitarian activities, or to politicians, artists, regretfully even some of the clergy and no donations were ever accounted for.

Such unsound practices are what we avoid at a rate of 100%, and remain proud that we were on the same path for years while retaining the same principles for the future.

We know the daily hardships of life and we are aware that it’s hard to make ends meet, but any degree of help is meaningful to our kinfolks.

It seems that nobody, but us, can help some of these people and this is the only way for them to continue to survive. We need your help!!!

If you have the desire and means to help, kindly send your donations to:  SDS, 72 Saddlebow Road, Bell Canyon, CA 91307.

We remain thankful, and the families you helped will be much happier receiving you donation.

To remind you, we are a humanitarian organization so your donations are tax deductible and we do not spend any donations on our operating expenses: 100% of donations go to the needy Serbian children and Serbs.

Please donate to help the less fortunate.

From 2006, we stopped sending donations like before $1.- a day. However, our work is far from complete; there are many families in Serbia and Republika Srpska  even today are living in poverty, and there are many local community projects worthy of our support.

From now on, we pick a single project every several months, and invite you to send your donation and help us make a difference helping Serbia.

For example our first project that we supported “Nasa Srbija” Summer Camps, camps “Prijateljstva” held on Tara Mountain. Almost every year we send as much as we could. Sometimes even $5,000 and $10,000.

Nasa Srbija hosted on Tara mountain up to 400-500 children from KiM for 15-20 days. Friendship camps where something special for the children living in the enclaves of KiM.

One of donor organization from Chicago sent a donation which we collected and transferred for tennis court project named after Novak Djokovic in the amount of $30,000.

“Save Displaced Serbs” had at one time data on over 10,000 Serbian children, without one or both parents. Most of these children received no other assistance, and your contributions did make a difference.

Until 2006 every three months, your $90 tax-deductible contribution was going to those who needed your help.

Every quarter since 1994-2006, we have distributed your help to 1500 Serbian children who lost one or both parents during the war.

Since 1990, our volunteers have collected and distributed financial aid to the needy children of Serbia and Republika Srpska. By the end of 2018 we collected $3,010,153.05.

Serbian diaspora puts their trust in “Save Displaced Serbs”; We received an anonymous donation of $300,000 in June 1998, and $288,720 in February 2000.

We have been in the past and present supported and endorsed by many Serbian organizations, including Serbian Unity Congress, numerous chapters of “Circle of Serbian Sisters”, American Srbobran, Serbian-American Alliance of New England, Nasa Srbija and Decja Radost.

We are a registered California 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization, and your contributions are fully tax-deductible (EIN# 95-4624917).

Thank you again for your support through the years. With faith in God and a bright future for Serbian people:

Miodrag Nikolic – President/Secretary

Milivoje Gicanov – Vice president

Slobodan Ponjavic – Vice president

Tijana Maletic – PR